Membership Pledge

All Safe Eats members pledge to uphold the following:

  1. All employees complete a wellness screening before every shift.
  2. Employees who fail the screening are not permitted to work.
  3. General Manager or equivalent has access to Zedic app, providing Covid-19 health and safety experts on-call 24/7.
  4. Employees must wear a mask at work.
  5. Employees must wash their hands every 30 minutes.
  6. All Restaurant Managers are Safe Eats certified.
  7. We sanitize tables and chairs between every guest visit and all high-touch areas every 30 minutes.
  8. We ask guests to assert that they are healthy and have not been in close contact with anyone who has tested positive for Covid-19.
  9. All guests must wear masks when not at their table.
  10. We collect guest contact information for every party to aid in contact tracing should that be necessary.
  11. We meet or exceed all applicable city, state and federal health and safety standards.
  12. We are proactively working to address racial inequity, promote diversity throughout our organization, and providing a safe environment for all employees and guests.

MembeRship Benefits

Guide to Operating During and Post-Covid

Safe Eat’s membership includes our comprehensive guide to operating post-Covid is designed to help restaurant operators navigate new complexities across staffing, operations, equipment and more.



  • Welcome
  • Operating in a COVID World


Health & Hygiene

  • 5 Pillars to Ensure Employee & Guest Health
    • Wellness Monitoring
    • Regular Handwashing
    • Uniforms & PPE
    • Social Distancing
    • Maintaining a Clean & Organized Restaurant



  • Staffing & hiring
  • Addressing Employee Anxiety
  • If a Guest or Employee has COVID-19


Delivery & Takeout

  • Standard Operating Procedures


Operating Dine-in in a Covid World

  • Key Facts
  • Preparing the Space
  • Steps of Service Updates
  • Preparing the Space for Social Distancing
  • Contactless Hospitality



  • Guest Messaging
  • Media Policy


Training Materials & Resources

    • Sample Sanitizing Schedule
    • Sample Delivery Manager Daily Checklist
    • Sample How to take an employee’s temperature
    • Employee Exclusions
    • Sample Communication e to Employees re: Temp Checks (EN, ES)
    • Navigating Difficult Guest Scenarios
    • Sample Media Policy


Best Questions

Employee Certification

To ensure your Managers/Employees have read and understood the latest health and safety guidelines, Safe Eats offers a certification program. To participate, Members simply register Managers/Employees through the Certification Dashboard on the Member site. Safe Eats sends each employee instructions on what information to read then asks that they take a short quiz. You can check the status of each employee’s status through your Member Dashboard. Safe Members are required to have all Managers complete the certification program and encourages Members to extend the program to all employees.

Guest Communications

The Trustmark signifies that a restaurant has taken the Safe Eats pledge. The symbol is designed to instill confidence in guests, making dining-out a worry-free, enjoyable experience. The Safe Eats Pledge Poster outlines the commitments your restaurant has made to maintaining best-in-class health and safety standards. Membership includes one window decal for each restaurant location, one 12” x 18” poster and high res jpegs of both the Trustmark and the Poster.


Trustmark Window Decal

Pledge Poster

Zedic App

Zedic connects restaurant operators directly to a team of public health, food safety, and medical professionals 24/7 so you can get immediate answers to every business health question you face.

Live Chat

We’re right there with you when you need us. Simply open up the chat, let us know what you’re dealing with, and one of our medical professionals will help guide you through it.

Whether you’ve got a quick question about the right product to use, or a sick employee who came to work, we’ve got the answers.

Knowledge Base

Sometimes, all you need is a great tutorial or Q&A. We’ve found that it’s so hard to find simple, plain-spoken explanations of the types of health issues we face.

So we provide you with a library of simple documents & guides that anyone can understand. But most importantly, they include the key takeaways YOU need to make a decision, like do I need to shut down my restaurant or hotel?

Health News Alerts

Knowing what’s going on around you (and around the country) is necessary for staying ahead of public health issues. If you know what’s out there, you can be prepared.

Is there a measles or Hepatitis outbreak in your community?

We share the most important, timely public health updates that matter to you.

Member Discounts

BHB is the Premier Pest Control company for NYC’s restaurants and hospitality community. We have been keeping NYC’s hospitality community pest free since 1969.

Preferred Rate and Offering: As part of our membership in SafeEats we are offering a 20% discount on all pest control services, and on all disinfecting services with our sister company Disinfex. For Free on site Inspection and Proposal: 212-242-3383 or

Multi Step Programs to Keep you Pest Free

A History of Unparalleled Service

Since 1969 BHB Pest Elimination has had one simple goal: Consistently provide our clients with the highest level of pest control services imaginable. Our Mission is to Get you Pest Free and Keep you Pest Free. We are proud to be the area’s premier company servicing NYC Restaurants of all sizes, and we are proud corporate partners of the NYC Hospitality Alliance, the New York City Hospitality Group, The Food and Beverage Association, the Hotel Association, and more.

A Commitment to Unstoppable Solutions to Eradicate any Pest Problem
Get ready to experience our unparalleled Customer Service on every level: from your dedicated Account Manager who creates a program for the unique needs of your property, to our service technicians and managers who carefully monitor every area to ensure you remain Pest Free, and our office staff who are there to immediately help you with any issue.


Operate your leanest kitchen with the sweetest margins using Craftable’s profit management platform.

Preferred Pricing offer for SE Members: 10% Craftable for your bar or kitchen and complimentary POS integration. ($250+ in savings)

Craftable Premium connects your inventory, vendor orders, and food costs with your POS system to show profitability, track waste, and menu engineering.

Craftable Pro connects POS and Accounting. Automate invoice processing, GL coding, payments, and manage AP for all locations on any device.

Craftable pulls your POS sales ticket and labor data to give you unprecedented visibility into your true costs. By putting together sales and purchases, restaurant operators are able to have real-time inventory and profit tracking. Craftable automates the P&L by bringing together ordering, payments, inventory, invoices, menu costing, and more.

Smart QR code menus for Restaurants

See the solution in action: Follow this link to a 90 seconds YouTube video about the Contactless mobile menu (QR code menu) to understand our process better:

The 5 Main Benefits to Restaurants’ Owners:

  1. Keep your customers & staff safe – reduce the chances of the spread, since no materials (menus) are handed by the server.
  2. Save Money on the disposable menu – cost-effective compared to disposable menus.
  3. Quick and easy menu updates – update the menu easily in real-time
  4. Make it simple – Replace your multiple paper menus with one interactive menu that changes by time (no need for separate lunch menu/dinner menu/brunch menu, etc.).
  5. Make More Money – Our User interface is proven to Increase the Average check by 5-9%, thanks to our menu engineering technology.

What makes our solution different?

eMenu QR code is not a PDF menu it’s an actually interactive menu that has a feel of an app and is customizable ( look and feel wise).

It allows restaurants to present images of the food, change the menu by a click of a button.

Moreover, it provides insight & analytics to the restaurants’ owners in regards to the way their customers are browsing the menu (know your customers’ preferences) to drive sales.

Staring is easy:

All the restaurant need to do is send us a word or a PDF copy of their menu, and we’ll enter everything.


eMenu graphic designers are designing the opening page, background-color and font according to the look & feel of the restaurant.


One time Setup fee: $99 which includes:
· Designing a customized opening page
· Uploading the restaurant’s menu to the eMenu platform (data entry)
· Providing a Smart QR Code / URL

Monthly Fee: $89 (regular price) and for safe eat members $49

· The Mobile Menu Solution
· Customer Support (Phone and Online)
· New upcoming features at no additional cost

No contract – restaurants” owners can cancel the service with a 30 days’ notice (by email).

Contact: Eddie (Adi) Chitayat at 212-944-5800 / 917- 415-0204

York Building Services provides direct management, oversight and accountability for the overnight cleaning program consisting of dedicated, 3rd-party certified cleaning staff, allowing you to successfully focus on your core business; surprising and delighting your guests with memorable dining experiences.

A consistent and effective cleaning program will help you achieve the goals of:

  • Maintaining a clean presentation that excites your guests and brings them back.
  • Production – Kitchens are sanitized, functional and ready to produce each morning.
  • Flexible service program to accommodate seasonality.
  • Preventing pests by keeping drains and surfaces dry, clean and DOH inspection ready.

Service Offerings for SafeEats Members:

  1. Disinfection Cleaning Services for Covid-19:

    This service is designed to provide disinfection cleaning of all hard surfaces and common touch points throughout your FOH and BOH areas with the application of an EPA-registered, hospital-grade disinfectant that inactivates viruses and has been proven effective against Covid-19, along with food safe sanitizers for all prep and cooking areas.

    This deep cleaning level of service is a bioenvironmental cleaning using a combination of electrostatic spraying and critical contact surface sipedowns. Additionally, we can provide germicidal UV-C lighting and air filtrations solutions.

  2. Overnight Cleaning Programs:

    Our professionally managed overnight cleaning programs are designed to relieve you of the daily frustrations that come along with overnight cleaning. Allow us to manage the daily, detailed cleaning of your FOH, Bars, Kitchens and BOH areas to ensure that your facility is consistently sanitized, presentable and functional for daily service.

Preferred Rate and Offering:

All SafeEats members will receive preferential pricing on our service packages, starting with a free site assessment and consultation to design a custom cleaning program that meets the unique requirements of your establishment.

Private Member Forums

Safe Eats’ member groups help you connect you with other restaurant operators in your city and across the country. Join a group forum to pose a question or participate in a discussion. Use the invite feature to make a direct connection.

Restaurant Promotion

As part of membership, your restaurant will be featured on the Safe Eats site.

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